putting the 'i' in 'design'

my summer blog


really like!

retirement party poster

retro recycling!

walla! funky¬†record pots ūüôā

spot of creative gardening!

i bought this pink watering can and couldnt decide what to do with it. however¬†i discovered¬†these flowers¬†my dad had planted in the garden and with his permission i dug them¬†up and re-planted¬†them into the wateringcan, it looks pretty¬†ūüôā

new cake logo: from the beginning

over the summer i decided to change the name and logo of my cake business. the reason being i was bored and needed a project! but also to make my business more professional looking.

first i started doodling some ideas i had in my head for the new logo, then developing them.

 after some really rough doodles i decided on my final design and took it into illustrator. using the pen and brush tool i designed the shapes and after i had my basic logo i started chopping and changing, seeing what colours work best, adding backgrounds, etc. below is my final logo

absolut blank vodka advert

love this advert! all about creativeness!

photograph whilst on my holidays in scotland

the year of madness

recently i¬†donated a cake to a great cause called¬†‘the year of madness’¬†in order to help them¬†raise money for four fantastic charities! i¬†was very greatful to be a part of it.

the year of madness is run by two people called eddie and john, who aim to raise £8,000 for various charities by completing 12 challenges in 12 months. these challenges include running, hiking, swimming, cycling and many more! to read more about the year of madness or to make a donation please click the link below:


officially a blogger!

my first ever blog! now to wrap my head around it.